Our main establishment at Potsdamer Platz - as well as our other branches - opens daily at 11:00 am; the Casino Royal opens at 3.00 pm; the Pokerfloor with tournaments and cash game opens at 5:45 pm and at 3.45 pm on weekends. We are open 360 days per year. We are regularly closed on only five days per year. These days are the Good Friday, Poppy Day (Sunday nearest November 11th), Totensonntag (last Sunday before Advent), Christmas Eve (December 24th) and Christmas Day (December 25th). Details of our opening times...


We want you to feel comfortable and relaxed in the casino. Here in Berlin, we think individual style is more important than strict regulations. Long trousers and closed footwear, however, remain obligatory for gentlemen. Please note that visitors to the Casino Royal should ensure that they at least wear smart casual clothing (such as better quality leisurewear). A less formal look is more than welcome in the other areas of the casino and on the Pokerfloor.


Please note that all visitors must be at least 18 years of age. We are required to verify with ID card/passport and register the identity of every visitor to our establishments. This only takes a moment at reception. Please note that if you acquire one of our free Player Cards, you will not need to register again on future visits. The entrance fee to the casino at Potsdamer Platz without a Player Card is €2.50 including the cloakroom charge; Player Card holders pay €2.00. Entrance to our four other establishments in Berlin is free.


Spielbank Berlin has five establishments in Berlin. In addition to slot machines, our flagship casino at Potsdamer Platz also boasts a Pokerfloor with Germany's largest poker program and the Casino Royal, where our croupiers will be pleased to welcome you to the roulette and blackjack tables. We also have our own event venue: the Sternberg. Numerous events are held there on a regular basis. Our establishment near the Berlin television tower also features roulette and blackjack tables and a Pokerfloor. You can play the latest high-quality slot machines at our casinos on Los-Angeles-Platz, at the Hasenheide Neukölln and at the Ellipse Spandau.


There is no such thing as risk-free gambling. But we are happy to provide information that will help you assess and minimise your own level of risk. For detailed information, please go to www.spielerschutz-berlin.de "How do people become addicted to gambling? What are the signs and what can players do to maintain control? What is a gambling ban?" Please take a little time and read through the information provided.


Tips given to the staff at casino gambling tables are collected to form a common fund, a so-called 'tronc'. It is customary to show your pleasure at winning by giving the croupier a chip. In roulette, for instance, a chip with the same value as the bet is given as a tip for a win 'en plein', that is, for a bit placed on a single number. The tronc represents a significant proportion of staff remuneration